Public Speaking + Special Engagements.


Public Speaking + Special Engagements.

from 200.00

This service includes:

  • Preparing you with 3-5 different looks for current + future speaking engagements or other special events through shopping for new pieces and integrating other pieces from your own wardrobe as well.
  • A fitting where I can teach + advise you how to properly move and present in the looks we choose.
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Being in front of a crowd is a very brave and vulnerable thing to do.  But, then when you add the element of that everyone is there to hear you and what you have to say and learn what you have to teach the stress can intensify...and THE number one thing that most people feel is under control or isn't that important is their wardrobe!  Dressing for stage and dressing for other events in life is different because you are THE main focus and the way you move on a stage is unlike anything else.  That's why it's important to hire me to make sure you look your brand, are taken seriously yet approachable and have to he perfect balance of fun and professional...this is a skill and to have me teach you and guide you so that you impact the most people with your words is vital!!!

  • The rates above can be split into 2 days but an additional fee will be added and will be determined after booking.
  • Travel expenses within the Portland Oregon Metro Area, Vancouver, WA and The Columbia River Gorge Area are included
  • Travel expenses outside the above listed areas are not included in rates and will be determined after initial booking.
  • If the session goes over booked time it will fall into the next price bracket and the outstanding balance will be due at the end of the booked day.