The PREMIUM experience.

3. ClosetCleanse-Steph.jpg
3. ClosetCleanse-Steph.jpg

The PREMIUM experience.


This experience includes:

*  Initial consultation

*  6+ hours of In-home Closet Cleansing

*  30 days of Text Support

*  2 hour ONLINE Personal Shopping Session

*  Video Chat follow-up to integrate new items into wardrobe seamlessly






*  Text Support will start the day after your Closet Cleanse™  

* Text Support will be available from 9am-4pm M-F . Inquiries will be responded to within 24hrs. 

*  Personal Shopping Session to be sccheduled within 30 days of the initial Closet Cleanse™

*  Up to 2 shops will be chosen for the ONLINE Personal Shopping Session depending on specificity of items and how large        the store

*  Follow Up Integration Video Chat to be scheduled within 30 days of initial Personal Shopping Session

*  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS but exchanges may be considered depending on the circumstance