Personal Shopping Session- ONLINE.

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Personal Shopping Session- ONLINE.

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This Service is perfect for:

  • seasonal wardrobe transition
  • special events/trips
  • public speaking engagements
  • freshening up of current style
  • wanting to change your style but need guidance
  • never had a defined style but want one
  • finding the perfect fit or that hard to find "unicorn" item
  • To simply just TREAT YOURSELF because you DESERVE IT!

This Service includes:

+ 1-2 shops                                   

+ Length of One Session:  3 hrs.*

  • 30min consultation + creating a specific shopping list
  • 2hrs. online shopping
  • 30min follow-up once your items have been ordered and received

+ Perks: (depending on what shop/s are chosen)

  • Discounts
  • Rewards programs
  • Custom ordering
  • Pampering...always!


*Any time over 3 hrs. will be an extra $50/hr or a fraction thereof and the Stylist will ask you before proceeding past the time booked and let you decide if you want her to continue until the Shopping List items are found.