199.00 every month

My Style Subscription is THE BEST DEAL you can get if you know, as a entrepreneur, businessperson or someone who just simply likes to stay on top of their style, brand and closet then get on this ASAP!

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PLEASE NOTE: This service is NOT included in any promotional or discounted services.

This 12-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION includes the following awesomeness:

  • 4 Personal Shopping trips. (1 per season-Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

  • 4 Virtual Closet Reviews and/or Styling Sessions. (1hr.) These can be used whenever you need them. This comes in handy when needing to talk out packing for a special trip, event, integrating your new purchases into your closet, etc.

  • ONE BRANDING PHOTOSHOOT (I will be your on-set stylist for UP TO 4HRS-Please note: Extra fees will incur if shooting outside of the Portland Metro Area or go past 4hrs)!!!

  • ANY AND ALL LAST MINUTE style pow-wows needed for any unexpected events, marketing promos, travel occasions, PR media, etc.

  • ALL ACCESS Text Support for the Stylist whenever you need it. (during business hours, of course! ;) You can send over pictures of outfits for advice or validation, random questions about style or wardrobe, etc.

  • VIP. “FIRST TO KNOW” STYLE GROUP. I will tell and offer my subscribers access to private events, comp tix to certain events, answer your questions first online and much, much more!

  • THIS SERVICE IS CUSTOMIZABLE. We can always talk out and create a more customizable plan if what is listed above is not quite perfect for what you need!


  • This is a service that can be used virtually and/or locally! *Local = Portland, OR metro, Vancouver, WA, Columbia Gorge Area

  • STYLIST WILL TRAVEL happily outside of the *local area! Please contact Robin at

  • Need a Stylist in your back pocket for whatever promotional, speaking or public opportunity or event might come your way? Then my subscription service is for YOU! CLICK HERE to get more info!


  • This is a NON-REFUNDABLE service.

  • This service must be used within the year that it was purchased.

  • We are an ALL INCLUSIVE business and proud of it! We are here to help you become THE BEST VERSION of yourself…whatever “yourself” happens to be!

Now, for all the icky legal jargon…

PAYMENTS: This is a Monthly Auto Withdrawal Style Subscription service. This will be a recurring payment that will be automatically withdrawn on the day you make your payment (ie. if you paid on the 15th then your auto payment will be withdrawn on the 15th of every month for the next 12 months.)

The transaction processing fee is also included within the listing price. ($149. + 5% processing fees) There will be no other fees added.

CANCELLATIONS: If you choose to cancel your subscription before the 12 months are completed you will be charged a $300 cancellation fee due within 30 days of the day you cancel.

SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL: Payments are recurring and at the end of 12 months your payments will automatically roll into a renewal of another 12 months unless otherwise stated by the subscriber within 30 days before the end of subscription.

REFUNDS: There are NO REFUNDS for this service.