Just One Take Program.


You have 7 seconds to capture the attention of an audience in person and just 3 ONLINE! Yikes!

So, how do you achieve this while maintaining your brand, confidence, authority AND authenticity?

…Go from feeling ridiculous to being fabulous for YOUR BUSINESS in just one take?

…Learn how to SPEAK, DRESS + ACT authentically in front of ANY camera like a Pro from a Pro?

…And WHAT IS the stuff that nobody is telling you when it comes to FB Live, YouTube, InstaTV, Webinars, Video series, Workshops, Photo shoots, stages AND big time TV opportunities so you can INCREASE your engagement, views, followers and INCOME in no time flat!?”


I definitely have the answers!

And, I will reveal them ALL in my “Just One Take” Program!

From DIY to LIVE filming, you will become a SUPER CONFIDENT, TO-TAL BADASS PRO in front of literally ANY camera!

I MEAN IT…ANY camera wether you’re filming it yourself or someone else is behind the lens!


WEEK 1. The Set Up.

Give me natural light or give me…a halo!

In this video I will teach you:

* the value of the placement of light, devices + equipment (i.e. computer/phone/tripod) and when to use what type where,

* show you solutions on how to easily set it all up no matter your location or situation,

* what kind of budget you will need

* my top choices for all your filming needs!

WEEK 2. The Brand.

Represent Yo! Nailing your Brand will be crucial!

In this video I will teach you:

* Implementing the 4 A’s. Authenticity, Authority, Approachability and Attitude through your colors, vibe, decor, overall style and business representation.

* The 4 A’s need to be represented at all times when on camera and will have a direct effect on your success online and off!

WEEK 3. The Scene.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

In this video I will teach you:

* Simple ways to unclutter + streamline your “set” aka whatever your background + surroundings are. The audience should ALWAYS and only be focused on you!

* EASY ways to remove ALL the distractions or at least tune them out.

* How to use your surroundings to your benefit!

WEEK 4. The Style.

Keep it Classy!

In this video I will teach you:

* The Top Do’s & Don’ts of being camera ready.

* The most flattering types of clothing, colors + silhouettes for your body + skin tone for camera all while staying on brand.

* How to pinpoint distracting elements about your look and solutions to fix them.

NOW…you’re ready for your close up!

In this video I will teach you:

* How to prepare, settle your nerves, stay focused AND be natural!

* How to achieve the best angles, posture, gestures, positioning and actions for camera.

* How to be aware of the camera, where to look (it may not be where you think) and how to connect through the lens…NATURALLY.

* What to do when you make a mistake, forget crucial information OR even worse give the wrong info without filming a new take!

If you decide to bundle my two programs not only will you get the most BANG for your buck but you will also receive:

* VIP Access to my private FB Group where Robin will do Expert Videos just for the Group!

* Hook-ups and discounts to Robin’s favorite online shops

* Special contests where you can win Robin’s favorite products. and

* Get emails first for new offers, programs, launches, invites and pro tips!

**NEED A DEEPER DIVE to really figure out your Signature Brand Style before you press “record” ?? Then check out my POWer of Style Program here and then do a Branding Bundle for the most bang for your buck!