Image Empowerment:                 

Speaker. Presenter. Teacher.

Having a strong background in competitive public speaking as a young adult taught me two things: confidence in myself and that being able to articulate a point while delivering it with conviction and passion will not only move people it will move them to action...whether it be personal or will move them...

It takes a lot of  guts, vulnerability, humility and authenticity to be confident. And, believe me, there is a lot of self doubt along the, if I can help make the journey to self love and confidence a bit easier, then that's what I'm gonna do! 

I love to speak on and about the following topics:

                    * Your Image + Style has Power                

      * Identifying your Superpower Piece

                * Clothing Matters           

* Choosing your 3 Magic Words for your Wardrobe

          * Confidence is THE ultimate accessory      

    * How to dress for your body + your personality 

* Embrace and Uplift your confidence, worth + individuality through beauty, style + community.