Community Work.

I think doing community work and giving back to our society in the most positive ways is not just important but necessary! 

It is in my nature and in my heart to consistently be doing something for the greater good...whether it's donating money to our nation in need, supplying clean socks to our firefighters to help save my community, helping sustain and grow our creative arts programs, support + uplift women who are victims of domestic abuse, using my professional skills to help guide and mentor our youth or as simple as buying clothing and products that give proceeds towards causes I believe in...whatever it may be...

I HAVE to do something...I NEED to believe in something...I WILL stand for something...and these are just a few projects that allow me to feel just that! I am proud to be a part of something bigger no matter how small the act!

* CLICK on any of the below images to find out more about their cause and how you can HELP!*

Have a charity event and want to get me involved?  I would love to here all about it!!