The Closet Cleanse™ 

I call it a "Cleanse" because it's just that..."flushes" out the old ways you used to connect to your clothes and in turn your style.

My process:

* Allows you to "flush" out the old ways you thought about yourself + your wardrobe

* Helps you recalibrate the way you approach your closet

* Redefines your style in a much healthier way that will reflect who you are right now and for who you want to become.

So, if you are ready to get down to it and come out on the other side a much more focused, happy and stylish person then it's time to do my CLOSET CLEANSE™!

Through the 6+ hour process we will cover the following:

1. IN-HOME consultation & evaluation of your personal style, taste & closet.

2. An in-depth + intimate "cleansing" of your wardrobe from your underpinnings to your outerwear through a "keep", "alter", "donate" system based on the life goals you want to achieve.

3. After we "cleanse" then we put together several new outfit combinations and build a specific "shopping list" for the items you will need to fill out your newly updated and organized closet.

4. Last but not least, I will leave you with tips, tricks + photos so that you can maintain your new level of style on your own with ease and will be your guide for the first 2 weeks after your Cleanse to make sure you stay on the right path!

BONUS:  I will personally dispose of your "beyond repair" items and deliver your "donate" items to a local charity of your choosing!

“I was shocked at how much of an emotional release The Closet Cleanse™ with Robin was! I had no idea how life changing getting rid of a bunch of old clothes would be. ”
— Nicole Ford, Psychotherapist

Jill Knouse- Closet Cleanse-Testimonial.png

Robin breezes in like a hurricane and you forget that your were holding your breath. She’s easy. She’s sunshine peering through the clouds. She begins creating with me and I get to play dress up for real! She teaches me how what you wear underneath is just as important as anything else you will put on that day.

Robin called me on the ways I hide through clothing. She didn’t let me hide. She showed me how to revel in my body and celebrate it without excuse or shame. It amazes me the ease in which I let things go and how clear the path to what I want to create, embody within myself actually is. She leaves me with a fresh start, a foundation in which to build and I am excited for what’s to come!
— Dr. Lisa Roth